Other works

Works not yet showed in exhibitions, some finished, some in progress; works preceding the converson of the artist to digitsal painting; posters, some of which intended specially for children's room.

Unreleased Works

Works Inspired mainly to travel experiences (Paris, Catania, Venice, Namibia, Australia, New Zealand....) realised since 2009 to today, that never have been in an exhibition, nor printed, that sometimes I may also decide to re-elaborate.


A series of posters, of which some copies have already been sold or given to friends, while others have not yet been printed. Some of them have been expressely conceived for the children's room, as for instance “Eleonora's dream” or “The guardians of dream”, where bear and penguins are there to prevent ugly dreams to pass the red line. Others are suggestions starting from images o objects, vegetables, minerals, etc.

Previous Works

Some works made in the XIX century with traditional techniques. Mixed techniques: collage, spray and acrylic paints on paper or paperboard.