Mixed Techniques on canvas and graphic works

Journeys have several values for each of us, but there's one that's always prominent.
For some of us the main value is experiencing a different way of life, or trying to understand different cultures, or trying new flavours, hearing new sounds, collecting objects.
For me the prominent value has always been the visual experience.
Shapes and colours fascinate me. That's why a journey can sometimes take me very close to home, or extremely far away: I'm a hunter of images.
The digital camera has opened up a wonderful boundless hunting territory to me.


  • Rialto

  • Peonia sola

  • Grasshopper - cm. 50 x 85

  • Cortège de nobles. Parigi, museo Jacquemart André.

  • Jardin d'automne. tours.

  • Eva agli Antipodi

  • Three wise men meditating over the world.

  • Rabbit Isaland. New Zealand

  • Pesciolini in rosso

  • Il prigioniero (omaggio ad Arturo Martini) - cm. 86x109

  • Venezia. Maschere.

  • Pilones - cm. 130 x100

  • Veneziai. Strumenti musicali nel museo veneziano di Viivaldi

  • Dish Iran - cm. 60x60

  • Capriccio catanese - stampa su carta - cm. 50x37

  • 23. Ombre di luna – cm. 125 x 95

  • Coin.

  • Corteo di nobili.

  • Venezia. Cappelli.

  • Ghostbike - cm. 80x50

  • Nel giardino

  • Roma. castel Sant'Angelo

  • Roma. Ponte Vittorio Emanuele.

  • Cats, chicken and pig. Giocattoli a Cape Town.

  • Aurora.

  • Ninfee. Botswana, delta dell'Okawango.

  • Vienna. Angeli barocchi .

  • Venezia. Il mare, maschera.

  • Pesciolini in blu

  • Vivaldi.

  • Ofelia

  • Giapponesi a Burano - cm. 110x145

  • Namib desert - cm. 125 x 50

  • Tre filosofi - cm. 105x100

  • Mirroe cage - cm. 100x75