Mixed Techniques on canvas and graphic works

Journeys have several values for each of us, but there's one that's always prominent.
For some of us the main value is experiencing a different way of life, or trying to understand different cultures, or trying new flavours, hearing new sounds, collecting objects.
For me the prominent value has always been the visual experience.
Shapes and colours fascinate me. That's why a journey can sometimes take me very close to home, or extremely far away: I'm a hunter of images.
The digital camera has opened up a wonderful boundless hunting territory to me.

I take thousands of photographs at the end of each journey, always meant in both the physical and mental sense. I look at these photos more than once, then I “leave them to rest”.
I leave them to rest until I feel like working on them. Then I start looking at them again until I find one to work on. At times the one I choose makes me think about others that perhaps I took on different occasions and I go and look for them. Sometimes the photo lends itself only to being transfigured.
I work on it until my mind comes to a quite well-defined transformation “project”.
At times I'll work on an image for days and then abandon it, because I can't express what my original intention was. At other times my elaboration is quite fast and at other times I take up again works that I had abandoned long before and alter them completely.
What I find fascinating about the computer, compared to the pictorial techniques I was used to, is the opportunity to check the materialization of an idea immediately, to make small variations, to correct mistakes and, sometimes, to find inspiration in somewhat fortuitous results.
Ultimately the computer gives me great freedom to reinterpret images, dismember and deconstruct them to then put them together as new illusory images where, however, the original image shows through with all its evocative power.

  • Silk

  • Inverno a Ischia -cm. 100 x 105

  • Roma. Cavolo trina

  • Aristolochia e fenicottero - 105 x 85

  • Espadrillas

  • Tavoli e sedie diventano spettatori

  • Fiore di zucca rosa.

  • Ponte Milvio, turbine.

  • Una nuvola di peonie

  • Storm - cm. 125x75

  • Jacquemar André

  • Peonia blu e bocche di leone

  • Venezia, la Salute. riflessi

  • I guardiani del sogno. Orso e pinguini sorvegliano che i brutti sogni non superino la linea rossa.

  • Cockfish. collage.

  • Roma. Ponte Sant'Angelo.

  • Inverno a Budapest – cm. 45 x 60

  • Petra rocks - cm. 106x80

  • Namib desert - cm. 125 x 50

  • Giapponesi a Burano - 110 x 145

  • Venezia. Un rio

  • Seaweeds - cm. 105 x 70

  • Ponte dell'Accademia - cm. 130 x 80

  • Papavero.

  • Autumn - cm. 100x100

  • Ghostbike - cm.80x50

  • Mirroe cage - cm. 100x75

  • Cortège de nobles. Parigi, museo Jacquemart André.

  • Ponte sullo Zambesi

  • Giapponesi a Burano - cm 110x145

  • Vienna. Serra delle farfalle.

  • Safari Lodge - cm. 130 x 100

  • Red butterflies - cm. 80x60

  • Tours. Castello di Chambord

  • Light blue leaves. Nuova Zelanda.

  • Carovana - cm. 130 x 100